did not pay my winning

Casino: Campeonbet

Claim ammount: 6277 EUR

Hi , let me introduce myself, I am Loo. From Malaysia. And my english not good. I hope you can understand what i trying to said and I sincerely you can do your best to help me.

First ,i would like to complain that Campeonbet Casino deducted all my winning .

“5752.59 EUR deducted from account regarding promotion terms and conditions ;

  1. Maximum Bet amount you can place when you have an Active Bonus is 5€ /£ /$ per bet. Bets higher than 5€ /£ /$. will be excluded from the wagering requirement and winnings will be forfeited.

We have detected several bets placed more then 5 EUR with active bonus. Paid out bonus (464.25 EUR) and generated winnings from this amount deducted from your account.”

This is my story:

I joined Campeonbet Casino at 16/7/2019, I make a first deposit of Euro 80.00 , and in 5 minutes time, i lose all the credit. Then I made a second deposit Euro 100.00 and i claimed a promotion “ Live Casino Welcome Bonus” which is Euro 25.00 .

I start betting at 17/7/2019 , around time 00.00 , starting balance Euro 125 (included Live Casino Welcome Bonus) , I bet on Live Game , roulette ,bacarract and i stop place bet around time 03.00 , and my account balance is winning Euro 900.00 ++ , and i already completed wagering requirement set by the casino. And I can prove that i never break their term and condition which placed bet more than EURO 5 in a single spins. Then i requested for withdrawal from the casino. I already send all my passport, id, bank statement and utility bills as well. The Campeonbet Casino customer services answer me need 3-5 days after account verification only can make withdrawal.

After I wake up, i continue to place bet around time 08:00, and until afternoon time. My winning is nearly Euro 5777.00 ++ .

Again I request for withdrawal . But Suddenly my account balance turn to zero 0.00 . I was shock and i contact the customer support, they said 5752.59 EUR deducted from account regarding promotion terms and condition, they said maximum bet amount can place is Euro 5.00 . At the same time, I cannot check my bet history at all. They had block it for that time, i can’t even check any on the bet history. And then I try so many times to contact the customer support , they had ignore me and block me for everything.

Only the next day i only able to with my bet history and I was shock. I found out that

y the transaction history , the" client paid bonus EURO +464.25" is manually added. They changed and falsified information and stigmatized me for violating casino terms and condition.

I can prove that i didn't bet at all on the slots game that time. You can look at their records, at date: 17/7/2019, time 00:26, and all of a sudden the half-hour record in the middle disappeared. Jump straight to 17/7/2019, time 01:15, they turned me to the half hour i bet on Live Dealer to slots game and state " Client bonus payment" .

I can swear and prove that i didn't even bet on slots game and violate their rules. it was they who vilified me.

For further information, you may check on the live game provide by Evolution gaming. The Campeonbet Casino is able to modify their internal system details only, and they are not able to change my bet history in Evolution Gaming .

I even requested the Campeonbet Casino to provide me the “client bonus payment” details. What slots game i bet and the ip address details. They refuse to do it and just block me and ignore me with the same answer.

And I don’t know what i tell you, you may not believe. You may check on my live game bet history at Evolution Gaming. And everything will reveal. You may check my ip address . And one important things that, The campeonbet casino has break the rules , they modify player bet id using software. But they are not able to modify my bet history at Evolution Gaming. This is a very important point.

And last, the campeonbet casino will spoil your E-gaming reputation and they are using some tricks to cheat player and you. And already a lots of bad comment in the internet forum about Campeonbet Casino.

I hope you can justice, and investigate this case in details. What the Casino said to you ,you may not believe in 100%, you can check with evolution gaming as what i said.

Please. Sorry my english is not good. Lastly, I can proof with all those game history in Evolution Gaming . i already screenshot every single bets and I can proof it to you.

its been a year i chase for this money and campeonbet casino just reject me and block me. i got no other way. please help.



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