Casino: arlequin casino

Claim ammount: 230 EUR

ARLEQUIN CASINO the License No. 8048/Jaz. MR BERRAHAL FRÉDÉRIC 21031973 perpignan [email protected] France Perpignan. I was playing a game on money train 2 in the middle of a bonus there was a disconnection. Impossible to reconnect for 4 min when I managed to reconnect my current bonus disappeared and my balance was 239euro the while during my bonus I had reached this sum while the bonus was still in progress. I appealed to your jurisdiction to have a serious investigation on your part. the casino service told me that they contacted the relax gaming provider but I have serious doubts about their seriousness. I already have a problem with them about the change of the RTP they maintain that it is the provider and not the casino which changes the RTP.. thank you. cordially mr berrahal