Deactivated/Closed Account after payment request for withdrawal

Casino: MyBookie

Claim ammount: 4300 USD

I recently made a deposit for $48.80 and requested after playing and having no luck I requested a match the bonus deposit and they denied the 1st bonus of the day and only applied 10% of deposit applying an amount of $4.38 after playing and betting $0.10 no more than $6 the next day I had available balance for withdrawal a $4,396 I requested a payout withdrawal Declined instantly but received confirmation for payout request by email and text message and was in review status and will take 24 ro 48 hours to process the 1st withdrawal from the account. later on that day I tried logging in to my account and the casino Closed and Deactivates for security reasons my account. Failed to give me status have not yet responded back to me or give me any explanation or Reason they closed my account after the withdrawal request. I contacted them I got this reply: It's our pleasure to help with your inquiries. We apologize for any inconvenience regarding your account access.

After reviewing your account information, we are sorry to inform you that after an internal review handled by the Security Department, we have decided to close your account, the decision is final and will not be overturned.

Your understanding is really appreciated.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to head over to our Help Center where you will find a wide library of articles that will explain everything you need to know, from how to deposit or withdraw money, to how to bet on the thousands of events that we offer you.

We truly appreciate your time and look forward to providing a quick resolution.

Regards, MYBookie Support Center

No explanation or reasons of Deactivation or Anything about my winnings withdrawal request. I'm sure after seeing the amount from the bonus rebate and the amount of lost because they need to pay me. They have decided to close my account and false claim violating terms or any other violations what will affect my withdrawal and account. But they have no proofs or provide with proofs of violations

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