Closed account for no reason

Casino: Sportaza

Claim ammount: 2156 BRL

So I’m not sure if sports could be mentioned here but this is my problem. In November, I created an account on Then I completed the rollover and started the account verification.

I was missing just one file = bank statement of the last 3 months. I deposited in November so I had to send September, October and November. The problem is that I opened my bank account at the end of October. Thereby i didn’t have the September bank statement.

They said that was everything ok I all need to do is send any confirmation of the bank specifying the bank account opening date.

After 1 month Trying to get this document with my bank, I send to them.

2 hours later, they closed my account saying that I broke some rules. I don’t even know what theses rules means. I just need my money back because I lost a lot I was counting whit this.