Casino delaying payment

Casino: Libra Spins

Claim ammount: 250 EUR


I registered an account on Libra Spins casino on 1st September. I deposited using my Visa Card. I then withdrew the sum of 250EUR to Visa, this was refused on the basis that the casino was having difficulties sending payments to Visa, I then repeated the process to a Mastercard and was also told refused due to technical difficulties sending payment to Mastercard. After chatting several times to support staff on live chat I was told the only way to receive the funds was if I used bitcoin.

I then set up a bitcoin account and repeated the withdrawal process and finally this was accepted, I have waited a total of 7 working days as their support staff have advised and still no funds have been received.

I feel like the casino is stalling payment and I keep being fobbed off, their support staff are not helpful at all and I keep being asked to wait.

Please can you assist me

Many thanks,