BuzzLuck not releasing money won

Casino: Buzzluck

Claim ammount: 3300 USD

I cashed out at $3,300 and now they are refusing to pay. I did everything they stated to do. I played through the $8,000 of my bonus and once that was completed my account was at $3,361.80. I cashed out at $3,300.

I did the verification and then I get an email yesterday that quick bit has refunded $125 back to my credit card. I did not request this. I then get an email today from the cashier stating that the payment has been declined. Not only did they refund the $125 deposit, but they also took away my $3,300. Shouldn't they put this back into my buzzluck account to play on? This company is VERY unethical and I will stop at nothing to get paid and let people know not to play on their site