BORENGO Casino does not pay

Casino: Borengo Casino

Claim ammount: 600 EUR

I registered on borengo 3 weeks ago. I sended all my documents to verify my account and started playing. After 2 days my Account was showing the status "verified". I got lucky and won 600€ and decided to make a withdrawal. That was on Thursday, September 23rd. Since then my withdrawal is open. After asking the Live-Chat-Support i been told, that they are only a technical support. They cant help me with my Problem. I should send an Email to [email protected]! Which i did, but never got an answer. Since then im a little lost, what i can do. I found a few players with the same problem, and since then i try to complain on every site possible. Because i think this is a scam Casino, that cooperates with JOKERINO. Its the same behaviour and the same method they are using to cheat casino players.