Blocked but allowed deposit

Casino: Poxernox Casino

Claim ammount: 1300 EUR


I am hoping you can assist me please I had an account with this casino and after putting a lot of money into the casino via my visa debit card I won so decided to withdraw.

I can get carried away with gambling and lose money I can’t afford too therefore once I requested withdrawal I blocked myself for 10 days to prevent any further losses

I reached out to Customer service as when I go to withdraw it would not allow me withdraw back to my visa and I have no other accounts and as per term and conditions my understanding would have been withdrawals should be made to the same payment method. The agent said to contact the payments team via email and they could assist

They replied saying the option to withdraw to visa is disabled so suggested I use Mifinity which I don’t have an account for. I replied back and asked woukd netteller work and they responded yes however to process withdrawal I had to make another deposit via netteller to allow me request refund to netteller and not visa

I said I was blocked so could this be unblocked so I could do deposit and get my withdrawal as I had lost a lot of money and really needed my withdrawal I received reply done

My complaint is that after withdrawal the block was not put back on and as such I was able to make further deposits resulting in me losing a lot more money than I could afford

Had I been able to withdraw via visa my account would still have been blocked and it’s not my fault there systems don’t allow me withdraw to visa but yet I could deposit no problem

They replied they didn’t know I had gambling problem so they closed my account and declined my refund request

The thing is the option to freeze account is for responsible gambling so it’s obvious if somebody opts for that it’s for a break from gambling

The money I lost would have been prevented if the casino had as per there terms and conditions system in place for users to withdraw the same method as deposits

Refund should be awarded here on the basis of the following 1. Deposits after requesting 10 day break should not have been allowed on the account 2. Not my fault casino dis abled the option to withdraw to visa but yet you can deposit 3. Agent when I requested help said reach out to payments and they would assist but yet they asked for another deposit despite block on account in order to get a withdrawal not fair