Blocked account with 3000usd on it


Claim ammount: 3000 USD

I was playing on my 1xbet account normally till yesterday. I deposited 3000usd in cash and played a NBA game twice. I cashed out 2114 usd from my second bet and there is still another bet of 1140usd in play. So when I decided to withdraw the money, the company refused and asked for documents which I have provided. I was surprised that they blocked my account without any reason and that they are giving some names I dont know refering to multiaccounts. When I asked some other players, they told me that 1xbet use only this excuses to take money from players. Anyway, I am claiming the amount of deposit 3000 us dollars. They blocked my account without letting me withdraw my funds. They just stole my money. it is not fair from a company like 1xbet to steal money from people.