Being illegally rejected by KYC support

Casino: Bluechip

Claim ammount: 1400 CAD

I was fully verified upon registration. (I have screenshots to support me) then 8 deposited 30 dollars and RECIEVED 30 in bonus funds I played the required playthrough and fulfilled all bonus requirements as to the bluechip casino t&c. I was awarded $1500.00 CAD. I tried to withdraw the 1500 then the site said I need to be verified. I spoke with first agent then arranged a $1400.00 withdraw but once it got to payment then I have been rejected for no reason. I asked for reasons my payment method was rejected and was in gnored as I continue to ask for help from this KYC support team. All of my concerns have been dismissed. I know that this is the crooked way that this KYC support operates .as there are thousands of similar complaints online. However I have been meticulous in savings screenshots of the site as things happen and also with the chat notes. All screenshots that I would love to share with any governing body as it is clear that this KYC support operates illegally and have not one problem conducting themselves unethically and most of all unprofessional by all accounts .please help me as I feel powerless when dealing with these crooks. They wouldn't even provide me e with licensing info and chat support behaves very inappropriate and wouldn't 9ffer any source for launching complaints. These KYC operators are clearly criminals. Please help and is there any other bodies I can notify so this corruption and financial mismanagement ends. Acct info PLAYER-4818d839-f14b-4ea5-9a41-bc368f81650a