banned account with funds in it

Casino: PH Casino

Claim ammount: 2129 EUR

On February 16 i requested a withdrawal of 500 euro via Skrill from PH casino. On previous cases withdrawals were instant but now something changed and it stated that payment process can take up to 8 working days. After the deadline when no money was to be seen i contacted customer support and got messages that payment team will be notified. i wrote them everyday and their response was always pretty much the same that theyll look into it. Yesterday i was told that the money was sent to Skrill and should arive by the end of the week. Today i tried logging in and my account was banned. I approached customer support and they replied me, that my account was banned for life for some sort of fraud. I asked for a detailed explanation and didnt get any response. I then filled a complaint to Egaming with a similar text to this. Got a response from the same PH agent saying that i should know what i did and that they allow themselves being frauded and all my other accounts are now closed, i obviously dont know what he is talking about :D but i read some reviews about other sites under Curacao licence that its a common excuse of theirs when they ban accounts for no reason. Dont expect much from these complaints just wanted to let out the frustration and wanted to ask you personally if you know any cases where the funds were recovered from these scam sites?

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