Claim ammount: 80000 USD

My account funds was revoked and closed permanently. Before it was closed. I was trying too withdraw btc on my account. And during the time I was getting lucky and winning alot. After playing I decided too cash out too my bank account. When I sent it i figured I play some more since i had too wait for it too be withdrawn. So I went back too playing. After that I wasn't so lucky and lost big most of what I had won. Not thinking or worry so much tho because I've already cashout something and was still happy about it. I get a email saying funds did not go through. Concerned about what maybe the case to why it didnt. Thinking about where it went I tried too log into my account but it wasn't working it wasnt trying too login. During that time I was super Confused about why. Eventually contact support for assistance. Come too find out it was closed and they wanted me too send proof of identity. After I sent the documentation that was requested to get my account lifted. They tell me that it was approved and too wait for my account too be lifted and too keep an eye out for an email. Saying and letting me know when It was good too login. After waiting almost 2 days I was told 48hrs at most it be till I get a reply and they had no control over it. Almost 1 week goes by and finally I see email regarding my account. I go and open it and they say they permanently closed my account and that was all. They kept giving me the same answer with no hope for why and just stated that it was final and i couldnt do anything because i cheated. I would like an APPEAL and deny the false claim decision made upon me and prove too my fair winnings in my account be given too me no matter what. If not I am forced too bring the laws and will be and happily agree too it in court. Please fix this problem. I am frustrated and waiting for your response. Thank you

Ps I was placed 1 on weekly highest wins