Account shut down and not paying my winnings


Claim ammount: 19000 AUD

My name is Donna Bird, I had an account with until a few days ago. I won a large amount of money and when I tried to withdraw my winnings I was shocked when I was blocked from my account. I have been playing with this casino for a while and have been depositing and withdrawing from my account plus my partners account. There didn't seem to be any problems prior to them locking me out of my account and not paying my winnings.

I received an email at the time I was shut down claiming the reason was fraud. There was no fraud at all I had permission from my partner to use his account when mine didn't have any funds. In the terms and conditions on the website says that we can only use a bank account if it's in the account holders name. But it says that at times they will allow this with permission. It's not possible to gain permission as the customer support is a bot who doesn't understand what we are saying.

I have been using my partners account off and on for a while now I have deposited and withdrew from both accounts. If there was a problem with fraud it should have been flagged when I first used his account. I kept using the account assuming it's OK. The reason behind my account being shut down and not paying out on my winnings is not a valid reason. No fraud was committed at all.

Unfortunately I am unable to come to any resolution with as I can not find any contact email or phone number.

I hope that you can sort this out for me as I feel like it's not fair for them not to pay my winnings.

This is the first time I've had an issue and I feel like it was because of the large amount I won that they don't want to pay. The total amount I won is 19000k

I can get a letter from my partner to say he gave me full permission to use his account and anything else you may need.

Donna Bird

Regards, Donna Bird