Account Blocked


Claim ammount: 500000 INR

Name -Gadhavi Hitendra


I'm played Game on this website and i also deposited My hardwork Money 5000 INR AND win by courage luck and knowledge..

Now I was tried many time to withdrawal money from 1000 to 300000 INR BUT I SEEN EVERY TIME NEW ERROR AND CONDITION.

I'M CONTACTED THEM FROM HIS Bot Support but they say only one thing that u can deposit 6% commission payment and then u will able to Withdrawal i CONTACTED many time but they say only one msg do commission and enable withdrawal.

I'm in very need of money bcs of medical emergency and covid-19 problem.

So please help me if i have full money to deposit and giving comission why i play by risk...

Very need for medical emergency

I'm very Hope From you OR inform me that this is fraud & True.

ID -6272036