Why Do I Constantly Lose Playing Online Slots?

Why Do I Constantly Lose Playing Online Slots?

It is quite normal to lose money playing any online casino games (including video slots) in the long run. Why? Because there is always some “house edge” around meaning that all casino games are designed to cause losses long term.

However, playing online slots you are not supposed to lose each and every bet as there definitely must be periods when you get lucky and win some money (sometimes even a lot of money).

If this is not about you, and the only thing you get spinning the reels of slot machines is zero on your balance, then you should probably slow down a bit and think about the following:


Why you might keep losing on online slots:

  • A casino might be rigged

  • An online slot may be rigged

  • The RTP of a slot is too low

  • The volatility level of a slot might be too high

  • Maybe you are experiencing a really bad luck period

Let’s dive a bit deeper and consider each scenario in more detail.

There is a chance that the casino is rigged

The online casino industry is literally flooded with all sorts of crooks, and rigged online casinos are not rare. I guess it is needless to elaborate further as it should be crystal clear that you have zero chances to win playing against scammers.

Good signs that a casino is rigged:

  • A casino does not have any license

  • A casino promotes gambling as an income opportunity

  • Too good to be true bonuses and promotions

  • Clumsy, unprofessionally looking website

  • A casino is constantly spamming you with “unbelievable” offers

  • A casino does not have any problems with accepting underaged players

  • A casino does not offer any reputable payment methods (Visa, Mastercard, etc.)

I get that it might be hard (especially for a beginner casino player) to determine on his/her own whether a casino is rigged or legit. If this is the case, feel free to use this rating of safe online casinos instead.

Some online slots have been counterfeited (fake slots)

Have you known that some online slots can be counterfeited? It may look very similar to the original, when in fact such a game is completely rigged. If you are playing fake slots, for you as a player it means that:

  • Fair RTP (payouts percentage) of a licensed (original) game has been changed to the extent that now it is absolutely terrible. For example, the original has a RTP of 96,5% whereas the fake version might have a RTP of 50% (or even lower).

  • The outcomes of fake slots are not distributed based on RNG (random numbers generator). In fact, all outcomes of fake slots are predetermined, preprogrammed so that you can only lose.

No wonder that you have zero chances to win playing fake video slots.

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Some online slots offer terrible RTP (payouts)

Online slots are very diverse when it comes to their RTP coefficients. Why does it matter? Because the RTP of a slot determines how good or bad a slot machine pays.

For example, the RTP of even legit (licensed) slots can be as high as 98%+ or as low as 90%. Even though it may seem not a big deal, just trust me, it matters really really a lot.

Therefore, if you are playing really low RTP slots (90% or lower), then it definitely impacts your winning probabilities in the biggest possible way.

Low RTP online slots basically guarantee that you won’t end up withdrawing money from your balance.

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Maybe you are playing extremely volatile slots

Online slots can also be very different regarding their volatility levels. What does the volatility of a slot mean?

Low volatility slots tend to constantly produce smaller winnings whereas the highest available prize is relatively small.

On the other hand, high volatility slots can trigger wins of really crazy size (for example, even x100,000 of your bet is possible). However, it comes at the cost of very long losing periods when you can’t win basically anything.

So to speak, don’t be surprised that you can’t win for a very long time playing highly volatile slot machines.

Sometimes losing streaks get really long

Even if you are playing medium or even low volatility slots, it does not guarantee that you can’t experience really protracted losing periods.

As a result, the answer to why you constantly lose playing on online slots can be very easy. You are just simply unlucky at the moment.

What should you do? Well, if you are completely sure that the casino is not rigged, the slot is not fake, the slot has got a decent RTP and the slot is not extremely volatile, then simply play more and you will inevitably get good luck on your side sooner or later.

Closing thoughts

Summing up, in case you can’t win for a very long time, especially playing at a particular online casino or a particular video slot, it should definitely trigger an alarm in your head. Hopefully, you have learned something new from the article so that scammers are going to have a hard time trying to take advantage of you.