How to Find the RTP of an Online Slot?

How to Find the RTP of an Online Slot?

Every online casino player is well aware of the fact that RTP is the most crucial parameter of any slot game. So it makes perfect sense to check the RTP of any online slot you would like to play for the first time.

On some slot machines you can uncover the RTP fairly easily though on some video slots this process is not as straightforward as it should be.

In short, there are 3 different ways of how you can find the RTP of an online slot. 1st: in the info section of an online slot. 2nd: on the official website of the producer of a slot. 3rd (the most handy): on some slots review website with handy slots search console.

When the slot producer discloses the RTP properly (in the slot’s info section)

If this is the case, then the information regarding a RTP level can be found in the info section of an online slot.

It is usually pretty much easy to access the info section even though different software providers implement it differently.

Nine times out of ten it is going to be either “i”, a menu or a gear icon somewhere on the screen. Normally, either in the left-bottom or in the right-bottom corner.

Like this.


Then you need to go through the info section as different slot studios provide the info regarding the RTP in very different places.


When the slot producer does not disclose the RTP properly

If this is the case, then your best option is to visit some slot review website which offers an online slots database. Like the slots section of the website you are currently on.

Hundreds of online slots with correct RTP numbers are here


Simply enter the slot’s name, and you are going to uncover its RTP very quickly.

Sometimes slot developers provide the RTP numbers on their websites

It is not the best practise from the player’s perspective, but some software providers unveil the RTP of their games only on the official website (for example, Netent).

Simply visit the software provider’s official website and find the game. Usually they provide short reviews with the RTP numbers.


However, it is much easier to get RTP numbers on some website that reviews video slots. In that case you don’t need to open many websites and find each slot manually. Instead, you are going to get all the info in one place, which is much more convenient.

Online slots and their RTP

If it says a certain RTP number can you trust it?

It depends on a particular slot studio. Some of them create slot games with constant RTP, though others make it possible for online casinos to change the RTP.

As a result, when you see RTP 96,65%, it may mean the maximum possible number. When in fact, some online casinos might have it much lower.

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List (incomplete) of slot studios, which allow casinos to change RTP: