Self exclusion ignored


Claim ammount: 15000 Bitcoin

Hello, I signed up to in December 2020 and enjoyed playing on the website. I had lost a fortune within a week and claimed I was suicidal and needed help. The casino wasn't so sympathetic about my gambling problem which I made clear within a week (I was actually desperately pleaing for a refund as I had lost all my life savings). Instead, the casino thought it would be a good idea to credit my account with a $500 bonus. An interesting move when I had claimed I had a problem, felt suicidal and had lost all my life savings. As expected, after losing the bonus I deposited further money and lost another few $1000 dollars. I then spoke on live chat and said how, again, I had a huge problem and needed their help. I asked again to be self excluded, however, they claimed they were unable to do this and demanded I sent an email. Therefore, I sent an email (evidence to be provided) asking to be self excluded as I had lost so much money and I wanted to kill myself. They responded and stated that the account had been closed and a messaged regarding life saying they still could not provide me with a refund. I am desperate. After the request had been granted, the account was (shockingly) not closed as stated and was left open for me to, yes you guessed it, deposit more money and lose another few $1000. I made another complaint to them stating how unjust this was, how they agreed and stated they had closed/self excluded my account but did not receive a response. I am going to kill myself soon. I have lost all my life savings and feel the casino has completely taken advantage of me and ignored my plea for help and support. Please help me in seeking justice, I am desperate. Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you, Marc Harris