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Casino: Rolletto

Claim ammount: 150 EUR

Hi there,

I hope this message finds you well.

I will try to be as clear as possible as I have already wasted hours dealing with this via email and live chat with

1 - This afternoon I made 3 deposits, 1 for 40 euros, 1 for 50 euros, and 1 for 60 euros. I placed some bets and played online casino games but only started winning after the 3rd deposit. The 3rd deposit was 60 euros and by playing online casino I managed to get up to more than 200 euros. I then started losing and went down to 150 so I realized I actually needed that money so I decided to stop. At this stage, with 150 euros already in my account, I decided to activate the bonus so I could use the 40 euro bonus to play and withdraw the 150 euros. So I activated the bonus, which made my balance 190 euros. I then tried to withdraw the 150 euros but there was a message saying this was not possible as I had an active bonus. At this stage, I was confused as the 150 were won with my own money and not with the bonus money! I decided to place a 5 euro bet to see what would happen as I wanted to see if it was possible to spend the 40 euro bonus and then withdraw the remaining 150 as it was not allowing me to do it at that stage. I noticed that on the bonus page the bonus still said 40 euros but the full amount had gone down to 185 so I contacted customer service as I did not wish to spend my own money, I just wanted to withdraw it.

2 - At first I was told it was not possible to withdraw the money because of the bonus. I then asked to cancel the bonus as I just wanted my money, to which they said I would forfeit the bonus as well as the original deposit of 40 euros. I queried this as I did not understand why I would lose the original 40 euros, I then got a response saying that actually nothing could be cancelled and that I had to meet the wagering requirements if I wanted to withdraw anything at all. So at this stage, I was already stressing out and I sent some screenshots from THEIR OWN website showing the transactions and proving that the only thing that happened after the bonus was activated was a 5euro bet like I already mentioned above. So if I already had money there and there was no casino transactions or any other bets after the bonus was activated, this money was clearly my own that I won with my deposits! They still refused to acknowledge this and keep telling me it's impossible to tell even though it's all on the website in the transaction history. I even sent the terms and conditions showing that this madness they were trying to tell me was not explained anywhere but still they have not helped me.

I am type 1 diabetic and I also suffer from an anxiety disorder and high blood pressure. When I join a website that claims that its purpose is to make customers' life exciting, I do not expect to spend hours stressing about trying to get the money that is MINE!

It's very simple, I won this money before activating the bonus. Why do I need to wager the deposit amount as well as the bonus amount times 10??

I would never end up winning and they know that! This is clearly a scam and although it's not a huge amount of money, there are principles that must be followed! It is absolutely disgusting how I have been denied the possibility to withdraw my own money and it's even more disgusting the way I was treated like an idiot, I have never had such a bad experience and I am still shocked that they are still arguing they cannot give me the money, even though it's clearly mine. Are they that desperate? I can assure you I need it more than they do!

I am not rich but I am not stupid and I am not one to let this kind of thing go. I will do whatever it takes to get this right. I will give you the opportunity to reply with a satisfactory solution or to at least point me in the right direction. If that does not happen, then I can assure you I will not rest until this website has the worst possible reviews on every possible platform. I will share this with the world, believe me! I am also not afraid to take legal action and I will 100% do it if I must and I will also inform my bank of this scam!

Now, you may think I'm exaggerating as it's only 150 euros, well I need that money! I also need to be treated like a person and not like some idiot that has 0 value to a company and this is actually my main frustration, the way it was all handled!

I have many screenshots proving everything I have said and I have read the terms and conditions so I know I am fully right about this.

I am sorry if the message is long but I hope it's well explained.

I will look forward to hearing from you.


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